Social Tennis

The club runs a mix of social tennis events catering for different member playing preferences and available time.

Below is a list of our weekly social events and the fees associated:

Mixed Weekday Social Tuesdays11:00 - 13:00$0 members, $8 non-members - balls not supplied
Ladies Weekday SocialWednesdays9:00 - 11:00$0 members, $8 non-members - balls not supplied
*Mixed Evening SocialWednesdays19:30 - 22:30$4 members, $8 non-members - balls supplied
Mixed Weekday Social Thursdays9:00 - 11:00$0 members, $8 non-members - balls not supplied
*Mixed Weekend SocialSundays13:00 - 17:30$4 members, $8 non-members - balls supplied

* See bottom for accessing new balls, if not available at the start of the paid member sessions.

Social tennis is played in a friendly atmosphere with a variety of standards – even a bit of friendly serious tennis!
Generally we have drinks and nibbles afterwards (BYO). Forrest is one of the few clubs that have well attended social events, with between 20 and 30 people often showing up in the warmer months; so you are always guaranteed a game and a variety of opponents.  Just turn up at the times specified.

We play double sets of 8 games (2 serves per player) as a match then look to switch playing partners and opponents.

Social tennis is suitable for players who are able to serve and maintain a rally. If you are not sure that you are suitable, just come down and give it a try to check your standard.  If you are a beginner, it is always best to start with a group coaching class, discuss with the coaching team operating at our club Canberra Tennis Academy.

New Balls (for paid member sessions)

The club provides new balls to our Wednesday night and Sunday afternoon Social Sessions. These sessions require a fee payment by members when participating, this is to cover the cost of balls and lights when required.

If balls are not available when you arrive, after checking in the ball cupboard (the furthest right under the bench in cupboards facing the windows), you can quickly trip down to the Forrest Hotel reception and kindly ask if they could provide a tin of balls for Social Tennis.

Please note, you will have to sign the register at the reception, giving your name, which social session, mobile number, the date, and finally sign.

You should only get one tin of 4 balls at a time too. So if more than 2 courts of players arrive, and more balls are needed, one of the new players will have to run down and do the same to get another tin of balls.

All unused balls in a tin, should be placed back in the tin and returned to the ball cupboard in the clubhouse. Of course all Social Fees should be also paid by all those playing social (Tap or EFT).