Book Online

Simply click on the 'BOOK ONLINE HERE' button and follow the prompts in the booking sheet system.  Members can use their membership number to book at membership rates.

Simply click on the 'BOOK ONLINE HERE' button and follow the prompts in the booking sheet system to book and pay;  non-members must book and pay before play.  Non-members do not get access to the clubhouse unless a member is there and has opened up the clubhouse, please be respectful of our facilities (wearing tennis shoes appropriate to the courts, bringing your own equipment to play with and cleaning up after yourself).

Night Bookings
Keys for court lights are currently kept at the clubhouse next to the light switches on the side of the clubhouse as you come in, insert and turn to the right 90 degrees to turn the light on, they may take 5 minutes to warm up and come on.  Afterwards, please turn off and remove the key, do not turn off other peoples courts by accident if they are on the court, as the lights will then take 15 minutes to turn back on.

Permanent Bookings
Permanent bookings can be made by members only.  They are restricted to one court per day, per member, and can be made for a maximum of 2 hours.  Permanent bookings can only be made by contacting the club and not through our online booking system.  Please note, permanent booking will be displaced/cancelled by any planned coaching camps during school holidays; members will be informed if their permanent booking is impacted.

Booking Policy & Rules
If you are unsure of our booking policies, rules and steps; please review the following - FTC - Covid-19 Online Booking Instructions & Covid-19 Condition of Play v0.1

Booking Inquiries
Please visit our Contact Us page.

Link to Booking Fees.