Club Administration

FTC – Club Administration
This page is for club committee members to store administration items.

Items we might expect to be included here:

  • accounts lists, InTennis Accounts list and migration tables.
    FTC – Accounts System (Accounts)
    FTC – InTennis System (Accounts)
  • InTennis, instruction and process documentation:
    Invoice Creation and Payment,
    Pennant team invoice process,
  • forms needed at the club, eg. membership, social, guest, court usage….
  • Competition Forms (round robin templates and other instructions)
  • InTennis; Parking Utilisation and Instructions (Invoice, process, etc)
  • InTennis; Membership renewal process and instructions
  • Committee; AGM process and format for FTC
  • Committee; minutes process and format

Calendar of Administration events: Parking, Renewal, Financial Reports, ACT NFP links & instructions (committee changes, AGM).