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Club Address: 33 Dominion Circuit, Forrest, ACT, 2603
Postal Address: PO Box 9626, Deakin ACT 2600

Email Contacts
Please use the following details, or the form to the right, to contact the club by email*,**:

General Information ua.mo1566272771c.bul1566272771csinn1566272771ettse1566272771rrof@1566272771nimda1566272771
Admin, Treasury, & Member Accounts ua.mo1566272771c.bul1566272771csinn1566272771ettse1566272771rrof@1566272771nimda1566272771
Membership Enquiries & Support ua.mo1566272771c.bul1566272771csinn1566272771ettse1566272771rrof@1566272771pihsr1566272771ebmem1566272771
Club Pennant Captain moc.l1566272771iamg@1566272771nosil1566272771laiut1566272771

*As we are a volunteer run tennis club, please allow a small amount of time for responses to your inquiries - we appreciate your patience.
**Please do not send any commercial messages to the above addresses as those messages are not wanted. Please refer to the Spam consent page on the ACMA web site as there are significant legal penalties for sending emails to email addresses and mobile phones without explicit consent.

Urgent Phone Contacts

Alan Irvine 0413 425 537
Pat Hanrahan 0418 499 139
Rob Whalan 040 1084 310


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