Forrest Tennis Club is an affiliated club of Tennis ACT.

As an affiliate club we and our members receive a number of benefits and services, these include:

  • access to court and facility grants,
  • facility loan scheme,
  • court rebate scheme,
  • program and open day support,
  • assistance with lease applications and local government relations,
  • insurances that cover the club in areas of Public Liability, Directors and Officers, and Professional Indemnity,
  • pennant competition participation rights,
  • access to sanctioned tournaments,
  • ticket services and grand slam ballots (Wimbledon and French Open)

As you can see, there are a number of benefits for the club and our members that are available through our affiliation.  If you would like to know more or receive more information about from Tennis ACT, then please review the information they provide on their website about the programs and feel free to contact Tennis ACT if you would like help with anything pertained.

Tennis ACT:
Tennis ACT Club Affiliation:

*Please note, as an affiliate club and as a member of Forrest Tennis Club, we provide our members details to Tennis ACT for the purposes of insurance, tennis player registrations, statistics, and for the betterment of tennis in our region.  This information is provided for the functioning of the services provided and stated goals outlined under the affiliate program.  As a result, you may from time to time receive some direct information from Tennis Australia or Tennis ACT, if you do not wish to receive this please unsubscribe from any email received (this should always be an option at the bottom of any email from either party).