Parking User – Information

This page is not linked or accessible directly from our website, but instead is available by simply typing in the site address, so please save the email you received with this link or in some other way.

On this page, we will highlight information for those that are offered or hold an allotted reserved car space at Forrest Tennis Club. 

Information such as what to do about unauthorised vehicle parking instructions, our contact details, etc.

We are now using Parkhound ( as a Bay/Space management and payment processor, as outlined in our navigable website (


Steps and Instructions on Unauthorized Parking (in your bay).

Steps to take:

  1. Record the vehicle’s registration plate number that has parked in your allocated car space, possibly take a photo on your smart phone.
  2. Text your allocated car space number and the unauthorised vehicle registration plate number, or text us the photo you took with the cars registration plate visible, to the following mobile phone numbers:
    040 1084 310.
  3. Action will be taken by FTC to notify the driver of their breach, or other possible actions.
  4. Proceed to park in the reserved car space recorded here,
    Reserved Alternative Car Space number: 21

*We don’t envisage ongoing issues with unauthorised parking within our facility.  We will communicate via email, messaging (SMS, Parkhound), and this webpage, any changes to our policy on unauthorised parking (eg, Reserved Alternative Car Space arrangements or future boom-gate installation).

FTC Subscribed Parking – Layout and numbering
(all spaces are labelled on site)

Parking Contacts:
We may be contacted by emailing: though this can take a 3-7 days for a response.  Also quite quickly through the Parkhound App, which we encourage you to download on your smartphone, we get notifications very quickly when you message us via Parkhound.

In extreme, or emergency situations, you may contact us on the mobile numbers give here: 040 1084 310, or 0417 465 309.

Just be mindful, we are a Not-for-Profit volunteer club, so email correspondence can take from a day, to a week, or even a little longer for a response, and any phone calls should be considerate and of an urgent nature.  

Thanks for your understanding and support.

We hope we are offering you a good valued parking alternative in the area, and working together we can keep the prices reasonable and lower than other alternatives.

FTC Parking