League Teams Overview

The Forrest Tennis Club (FTC) has a proud tradition of pennant/league play in the Canberra region; we have consistently for many years fielded many teams over the various divisions in the Canberra leagues.  We continue to encourage our members, both adult and junior, to compete for the club in all competitions/seasons.

The club has a junior coordinator for parents seeking to enter their children and help them understand the competition.  For adult members, we have a Club Captain* who is responsible for all competition play and co-ordination, please contact the club captain if you are looking to enter team competitions with the club.

Contact details for our junior coordinator and club captain can be found in the CONTACT US section of our website.

*The Club/Club Captain reserves the right to approve or reject team applications or entries, to better understand the team applications process and rules, please review resources on this page and our Team Application, Rules & Fees page.

Forrest Tennis Club – Pennant/League Court Availability

The club/committee provides the following courts and times for inter-club competition to FTC teams.  In theory, this is the maximum amount of court availability for such competitions.  However, in practice not all allocated time will be utilised, with only required courts being booked from season to season, whilst any un-booked courts are available for member use and regular bookings/play*.

*Note, the club/committee reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time, for unforeseen reasons such as: competition play, social play or maintenance issues.

CompetitionMaximum Court UsageTimeMaximum Teams, in theory, per Time-slot
Adult Monday/Tuesday Night League6 Courts7:30pm - 11:00pm6 = 3 away + 3 home
Adult Thursday Night League 6 Courts7:30pm - 11:00pm6 = 3 away + 3 home
Adult Saturday Midday League4 Courts1:30pm - 5:00pm4 = 2 away + 2 home
Junior Sunday Midday League2 Courts (Courts 5 & 6)8:30am - 10:30am2 = 1 away + 1 home
Junior Sunday Midday League2 Courts (Courts 5 & 6)11:00am - 1:00pm2 = 1 away + 1 home

Team Resources

Further information, news and upcoming competitions relating to ACT  competitions can be found via the ACT Tennis links below:
General, https://www.tennis.com.au/act/competitions/pennant
Adult, https://www.tennis.com.au/act/competitions/pennant/adult
Junior, https://www.tennis.com.au/act/competitions/pennant/junior

Match Centre

ACT Tennis – Competition By-Laws,
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