Team Application, Rules & Fees

Player Eligibility

As per the competition by-laws, in order to play pennant/league tennis for the club, a player must be a registered member of an affiliated club.  The club, at its discretion, may allow a player from another affiliated club to play for Forrest Tennis Club (FTC) in the pennant competition.

Further eligibility requirements:

  • Players must be financial with FTC, that is, they must not have any outstanding invoices or fees due to the club.  A team’s application will be rejected if any fees from any players are outstanding for competitions or subscriptions (if a subscription fee is applicable).

Team Composition

An FTC pennant/league team is made up of Core Players (of which one is a Team Captain), Nominated Reserves and Casual Reserves.

A team must always have a nominated Team Captain who takes on certain responsibilities for the team; many highlighted throughout this document.

Core Players and Nominated Reserves are included in the list of players with the team entry before the competition begins; whereas, a Casual Reserve is not included in with the team’s entry to the competition.

As a guide:

  • a Core Player would be someone planning to play more or equal to 50% of the rounds and a Nominated Reserve less than 50% of the rounds. These are the players you are going to rely upon to make up your team week-in and week-out.
  • A Nominated Reserve, is a player you are planning to make up the difference when a Core Player is not available. They are also be someone you would have already canvased and discussed the season with, and are happy to play for the team on set dates if need be.
  • A Casual Reserve, is a player is who is filling in on an adhoc basis, and was not listed in the initial team application.
  • The Team Captain will/should have already discussed with his Core Players and Nominated Reserves when they will be available and when they might not be; though it is not always possible to be 100% assured, before a Team Captain enters a team, on whether they can field a full team.  Though they should be close to 100% certain that they are able to field a team in each and every round before entering a team.

If you are looking to join a team, would like to play in pennant/league tennis, but don’t know anyone yet at the club, or don’t have enough players for a team; please discuss with the Club Captain as they will be aware of others looking to form a team or join for the season, see CONTACT US.

Pennant Fees and Payment Terms

Pennant Fees - each Player per Round (includes lights & balls)Invoice Payment Terms (team fee)
Adult - Monday/Tuesday Night$10Within 14 days of being invoiced
Adult - Thursday Night$10Within 14 days of being invoiced
Adult - Saturday Midday$10Within 14 days of being invoiced
JuniorAs advised by CoordinatorWithin 14 days of being invoiced

Application Process

Pennant fees will be due to the club on a team and seasonal basis; this means, the Team’s Captain is responsible for collecting fees from his players and paying them to the club, ultimate liability is the responsibility of the Team Captain, by entering a team the Team Captain is agreeing to this Term and Condition.

The Team Captain is ultimately responsible for forming their team of Core, and Nominated Reserve players,  The Team Captain enters their team’s application on Match Centre.

The Team’s Captain must pay a deposit to the club for the up-coming season, this must be done before the Club’s Captain will approve the team’s entry into the competition.  The Team Captain can still make their team application via ACT Tennis’ Match Centre before paying the deposit, but the deposit should be paid just afterwards and also before Tennis ACT deadline, otherwise the application will not proceed.

Team Captains, please make sure you review and read the Terms & Conditions when making your deposit (these will be available during the deposit process).

Deposit amounts, are determined by the club and are set around 80% the anticipated average seasonal cost per competition, Seasonal Team Deposit page.

The club has the final approval of team entries representing Forrest Tennis Club, final approvals are made through Match Centre by the Club Captain; of course, all deposits and past fees due must be paid before any new seasonal application will be approved.

Washup Invoice
After Tennis ACT determines the rounds, the Team Captain will be sent a washup invoice for the remainder of the season’s cost (Season Cost  –  Deposit Amount  =  Washup Invoice Amount); this will be provided to the Team Captain during the season and must be paid by the Team Captain as prescribed in the invoice.

The payment of this invoice is to be done as a whole, in one payment, and not in piecemeal.

Players who commit to playing pennant as a registered team members, have a responsibility to discuss with the Team Captain their availability over the season.  This is so they may formulate the team and ascertain its viability for the season, and whether they are considered a Core Player or Nominated Reserve.

It is up to the Core Players (Team Captain being one) and Nominated Reserves to decide between themselves how they will meet the teams’ fee for the season; this is to be managed and coordinated by the Team Captain.  The Team Captain takes ultimate responsibility for their Team’s liability to the club.

Example Team Fees

A Monday night pennant of 3 players playing in a 10-week season; with an example fee of $10 per round each.

Total Team Fee

Formula(Total Team Fee) = ((rounds x fee) x PlayersInTeamEachRound)
Formula (Total Team Fee)= ((10 x $10) x 3) = $300

Washup Invoice

Formula(Washup Invoice) = Total Team Fee – Deposit Paid
Formula(Washup Invoice) = $300 – $220 = $80


As the Total Team Fee is based on how many players are required per night and rounds there is in a season, the team is being asked to pay for each round regardless of any washouts.  Meaning, there will not be any reimbursement to teams/players for washouts.

Why is this?

There used to be a system at the club where the teams/players would get reimbursed or pay a season fee at the end minus any washouts over the season.  This however was an administrative nightmare for the treasurer/club (all volunteers), plus the club is also charged a set fee from Tennis ACT.  Also, it is problematic for one person, a volunteer, within reason, to track what nights had been a washout and re-write all the invoices and reconcile.  Hence, it is much easier to share this responsibility amongst the Team Captains and Players with the club.

As a result, the club decided to reduce the pennant fees lower, at the time, around 2012, to a figure that would easily take into consideration, and a little more, the average amount of washouts within a season.

This was a well-reasoned and debated resolution of the committee that also had the input of experienced pennant/league players and club administrators.

Playing Rules

All FTC players playing for the club are to abide by ACT Tennis’ By-Laws and conduct themselves in a sporting, competitive, and friendly fashion.

You should be familiar with Tennis Australia’s ‘Matches Played without a Chair Umpire’ rules and the contained etiquette section (namely; Do not stall, sulk, complain or practice gamesmanship).  You will find these rules in ACT Tennis’ Resource section on their website and resources.