Covid-19 Regulations

Forrest Tennis Club guidelines for Covid-19 tennis play, as at 01/10/2021, are:

  1. On entering through the main gate, all players must check in on the Check In CBR app, using the QR code that can be found on the window next to the main door to the clubhouse.
  2. Maximum of four players per court.
  3. Courts can only be accessed after you have made an online booking.
  4. By booking online and entering the club/venue you have accepted the new conditions of entry, and risk warnings.
  5. Player must arrive to the club 10 minutes after the start of their booking time. This is to minimise potential transfer of infection between playing groups arriving and leaving
    EG.  If you have booked 10:30am – 11:30am, you may only enter the club venue at 10:40am.
  6. A maximum of 25 players only are allowed at the venue.
  7. Players are to maintain physical distancing of 1.5m apart.
  8. The clubhouse is only open for the use of Toilets, no use of the kitchen is allowed, or sitting and congregating inside.
  9. Use of your own water containers is advised, no use of glasses or the like from within the clubhouse.
  10. Limited coaching is allowed back at the club, please contact Canberra Tennis Academy to discuss.
    With any one on one junior coaching session, 1 parent or guardian is allowed to attend and sit by the court.
    Canberra Tennis Academy
  11. The new Covid-19 Tennis Community Guidelines must be adhered to at all times while at the club. You can find these guidelines at

Additional information:

  • Main Gate, Hitting Wall Gate, and Court 2 Gate have been opened.
  • Hand sanitiser/soap will be next to the door of the clubhouse.  Please do not move or remove this.
  • All internal gates have been secured to stay open, to minimise the number of potential infection points. Please do not interfere with the gates.
  • Permanent Bookings remain in place, provided the guidelines above are also adhered to.